7 Health Benefits Of Hugging – You Didn’t Know

Hugging is probably the most spontaneous positive outburst of emotion we humans feel. Whether you see your favourite person or if it’s with a complete stranger it conveys the same feelings of love and compassion. A hug might not use any words but it speaks volumes about the relationship you share with the person. Well it’s not completely surprising to believe that a hug does not only make you feel good.

Bonding – It is in the nature of humans to want to stay connected. It is an innate desire to be with someone. A hug makes us feel bonded to others. It has a level of intimacy and commitment which makes us feel whole.

Security -There is evidence that adults who were frequently hugged during early childhood display fewer stress symptoms than less-hugged counterparts. A hug makes us feel surrounded and safe. Is it not what we always want?

Anti-Depressant – Hugging can increase the production of dopamine in your brain. Dopamine levels are low in people with conditions like Parkinsonism and mood disorders like Depression. Hugging is a medicine with no side effects.

mpathy – A hug makes us feel more empathetic. We visualise life from someone else’s point of view. It helps us to accept our own situation once we get to see a different perspective. When we step into someone else’s shoes we see them in a whole new way.

Self-esteem – A study published in the Psychological Science journal revealed that hugs and touch reduced worry. It makes us feel important and wanted. It feels good when someone appreciates you and a hug is sometimes the best way to show that feeling.

Stress Release – Hugging can help to decrease levels of the hormone cortisol, which is released when we are stressful. Lower levels of cortisol allow the mind to be calm and the body to relax. It helps us to forget our worries for a while.

Live in the Present – A hug is temporary. And so is everything else. It might not last an eternity but it you feel the most complete in those few moments. A hug makes you strong and it makes you feel that you are a good person. Deep down that is what we all want to feel.


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