After Anti-Hindi Protests – Karnataka Rakshana Vedike Invites Regional Parties To Form Anti-Hindi Front

Karnataka Rakshana Vedike (KRV), a pro-Kannada organisation which was part of the recent anti-Hindi protests across Karnataka, has now decided to form an anti-Hindi front of all regional parties from non-hindi speaking states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Kerala etc. KRV activists have called a meeting of leaders of all the parties who are fighting for linguistic rights and equality and against imposition of Hindi language.

Invitations have been extended to Maharashtra Navanirman Sena (MNS) president Raj Thackeray to attend the meeting scheduled for September 15 in Bangalore. Even though Karnataka has prolonged border issue with Maharashtra and Kaveri water dispute with Tamil Nadu, yet KRV leaders think such issues can wait and priority is to fight against Central government’s policy to impose Hindi.

Official letter sent by KRV reads, “Government of India has started subjugating state’s rights in many ways like NEET , GST etc and trying to impose Hindi on non-Hindi speaking states under the Raj Bhasha Act.”

KRV has alleged that the Indian government is using provisions under Articles 343 to 351 of the Indian Constitution to impose Hindi in states. The organisation has also alleged that the tax payer’s money has been used to forcefully impose Hindi on non-Hindi speaking states under disguise of official language and that the government of India is not making any efforts to promote other languages the way they are promoting Hindi now. Citing example of Nammo Metro, KRV has also said that the government is asking state governments also to implement Hindi instead of regional languages .

The pro-Kannada organisation has asked other regional parties to support this campaign for linguistic equality and fight against ‘Hindi hegemony‘. According to sources, Raj Thackeray is considering sending MNS representative for this meeting and restart his tirade against North Indians.

KRV activist Aru Ambuga said, “Our fight is not against Hindi but for linguistic equality for which we have called all regional parties like DMK , TMC, TDP AIADMK, TRS with linguistic agenda.”

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah has reportedly supported the anti-Hindi brigade and has asked the officials to find out what policy was followed in non- Hindi states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, and others.


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