How Has Republic Day Changed Over The Years -Facts About India

The Constitution tells us to cherish the noble ideals that led to our freedom struggle. Over 60 years later, that ideal has been reduced to mere pictures and text in history books which are rather unwillingly opened.  It lulls the vivid past which soon appears to be painted in rather dream-like colours. The Independence seems to have become a dim memory for most. Any holiday becomes a cause for celebration and sadly enough, Republic Day seems to be no different.

There are numerous complaints as the national holiday happens to be a dry day! Like it or not, Republic Day is just another off day in the New Age calendar. Deeptarko aptly sums it up when he says that 26th January holds no significance for him as a day of national importance. It is a much welcomed holiday from school. Even as a child he does not remember much apart from going to the parades a couple of times.

we concluded sadly that Republic Day is, as we would put it, “no big deal”, for us. It never was. My friends and I would go to school for the Republic Day ceremony and would gorge on the samosas and jalebis that we would get to eat there. I would even have a flag hoisting ceremony on my terrace. Then we would troop over to a neighbouring field for celebrations. It would be an enjoyable winter afternoon.

“This was a Republic Day tradition”, she affirms.


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