Using Cell Phone Late At Night May Put Teenagers at Risk of Depression

Our generation is addicted to cellphones, so much so that cellphones have begun to rule our lives. Every once in a while find ourselves glued to the screen. For many of us the obsession continues even while we eat or head to the bed at night, we are constantly stuck to it, texting or watching videos into the wee hours of the night. Are we to assume that such a habit comes with no negative consequences or does it show affect slowly and steadily? What about the teenagers who seem to be addicted to their smartphones all the time? According to a study done by Australian researchers at Murdoch and Griffith Universities, late night mobile phone use has devastating effects on teenagers’ mental health.

Funded by the Australian Research Council, it is the world’s first long-term assessment of adolescent mental health regarding late night mobile phone usage. The process was conducted as an annual survey over four years and included 1,100 students from 29 schools. When the subjects began the process, they were in Class 8 of High School. When the programme concluded, they had hit Class 11.

For the study, the researchers examined students’ quality of sleep, along with mood, aggression, coping skills, self esteem and whether they experienced any symptoms of depression. The questionnaires focused on what time of the night students continued to receive or send text messages and phone calls.


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